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My name is Melissa Trasatti, Owner of Melissa's Pet Sitting.

I began my business in 2011 when I decided to "take a chance" and follow a passion. Since an early age, I was always considered to be a compassionate, loving and responsible person when it came to animals.  Raised in a home where I was surrounded by many pets, I was taught responsibility and love towards all animals.  It came naturally, really, and the bond I formed with many of my pets, who were considered family members, was very strong.

As an adult, my love and passion towards animals continued and grew.  Circumstances lead me in the right direction and deciding to follow a passion is what put me on this path.  At the time, I enjoyed making my own schedule which allowed me to have more time with my soulpup, BJ Bear.  She had many health issues and my goal was to provide the best care for her and make her a top priority and enjoy every day I had left with her, while I ventured into becoming a professional Pet Sitter.  I was fortunate to have BJ Bear until April 2013. From that point forward, my drive to grow my business and also be able to follow another passion, animal rescue/advocacy, seemed to kick into full gear.  The personal, volunteer, time I devote and efforts I put forth with animal rescue/advocacy is in honor and memory of BJ Bear and knowing that homeless or endangered pets need the community to be their voice.

While I did not know that my path would lead me in this direction, I can say that I am meant to be doing what I do and truly love every day I have to do the work that I do.  I have developed wonderful and valuable relationships with my clients and their pets.  I consider my client pets to be like my own and treat them in the same, deserving and loving, way that I treat my own fur kids.  

I have learned so much, from the start of this venture, been so fortunate to have gotten to know the people and pets that I have and am motivated to continuing this path of being a professional Pet Sitter and an advocate and volunteer in the world of animal rescue/advocacy, as I work with local and national organizations.

I look forward to meeting you and answering any questions you may have about my service.  I do offer free, in client home, consultations.  I am happy to speak with you via phone, email or text to assist you in ensuring you choose the best Pet Sitter for your fur kids!  I can be reached via phone @ 702-301-8926, email to or complete the "Contact" form on this webpage.